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Bubble & Squeak Deodorizing Mist - Azure Breeze

Fragrance.  Azure Breeze is an essence of a tropical paradise.  

Bubble & Squeak Organic Pet Deodorizing Mist is the perfect combo to our shampoo. A safe and nontoxic alternative to toxic fragrances for our furry friends. This wonderful product is perfect for sensitive pets and owners.

Bubble & Squeak Organic Pet Deodorizing Mist. is made from organic essential oils and specialized water. Natural rosemary extract is the only preservative. This eco-friendly natural deodorizing mist product is extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. 

Bubble & Squeak Organic Pet Deodorizing Mist is sold in an 8oz size and comes in a specialized misting bottle.

Instructions: Spray the deodorizing mist on your pet from head to tail as needed. Also use to freshen pet bedding, collar and leashes, carpeting and rooms.