January 12, 2017


The love and passion of owning a thriving business is rewarding. But, it is not easy, in fact, it is downright the hardest thing that we have ever done.  Long days and nights that are more about creating something so special that the world is in love with.  More times than not we fall out of love for our own designs and that creates a whole new cycle of creating something new for the world to love.  

Luxury Pets isn't the end all be all to the pet world but it is our big contribution to changing lives of both owners and pets.  Yeah, that is super important in our lives as we strive so hard to live a little better each day that this is a great reason to stop and smell the roses.  Luxury Pets offers you the industries most home friendly and unique items that the pet world has ever encountered.So, more on the truth.  We cheated!  WHAT?  Not all of our wonderful products have been showcased on Luxury Pets.  Our wholesale line is held back from the general public to help our 629 (AMAZING) retailers worldwide become more successful.  So, the truth be told we didn't "cheat cheat", but we are working to help our retailers business.  Oh, and one more truth!  After great thought, we have stopped selling through distribution and are now 100% direct.  That means no middle man and our relationship is golden.  Why did we stop selling through distribution?  We found that most of our customers wanted to have a direct relationship. They sought out conversations with us that distribution could not have.  That said we cherish one on one relationships vs one to many.  For right now, this makes the best sense for our retailers and our business.

As 2017 unfolds we will start to bring some of the old, some of the new and some of the blue (just couldn't help ourselves with that little ditty) onto  Our best selling products from the past will be exclusively offered on as well as in our two current and soon to be opened retail locations.  Oh, that reminds us, we have more big announcements coming, outside of the Tokyo flagship, regarding new stores.  Look for new stores in;  California, New York and Miami.  Additionally, we have Paris in the works and will determine at a later date if we bite the bullet.  

There you have it, the truth, and we look forward to making you and your pets life better in 2017 and beyond.   P.S.   On a personal note, our lives have been so amazing and we are on top of the world.  We have never been happier or more successful and it is such an amazing feeling to love what you do and to be overjoyed with love and happiness. We are truly blessed and we are thankful for all that we have in life.