It's Heating UP UP UP Summer Safety is as easy as counting 1-2-3-4

July 07, 2015

Its' that time of year again and no matter where you live the temp is going up. In these times its especially important to take care of your pet. A few tips and tricks that will keep your pet safe.

1.  A/C is so important so if you do not have it on for yourself please turn it on for your pet.

2.  Water is key here and make sure  you have a bowl constantly filled with clean and cool water.  Many pets refuse to drink water that has been sitting there for days. So fresh and clean is key.  I freeze a few bowls of water and place one out for my dog and when the bowl is empty or the water is warm I wash, rinse and repeat the freezing process and fetch him a new bowl to drink from.  I use one of the  Luxury Pets marble bowls that helps keep cold things cold for hours and hours.

3.  The streets and sidewalks of New York City are not only dirty but in Summer they can be over 100 degrees.  I wouldn't walk around in my bare feet in this heat and I suggest you don't allow your pet to do the same thing. So, alter your walking habits to early morning and evening when things have cooled down. If you need to make a pit stop in the heat of the day please make sure to plan a route that is no in direct sunlight or has grassy areas (difficult to find in NYC).  Another option would be pet shoes. I do not suggest you get the rubber ones as these can melt and blister your pets paws. Leather or special shoes used for service and rescue animals work best.

4. Leave your pets at home - period.  Leaving your pet in a car with the windows cracked is NOT HUMANE and should NEVER be an option. Trust  me the last thing you need to do is come back to your car and find kitty or woof woof dead or passed out. So, do yourself a favor and leave them at home with the A/C on. They may miss you for a few hours but its better than missing them forever.

Have a great and safe summer! Stay tuned for our Grand Opening only days away.