Why ShedMaid?

September 27, 2014

Like everyone else around we all battle shedding. Yes, even those of us who have "non shedding" dog.  Like it or not there is no true 100% non shedding animal around. Even those designer dogs that are said to never ever ever shed. 

So, the shed battle continued over and over and over. It was like this never ending ball of hair rolling around and around.  Years ago there was a TV show where this giant white ball would roll around this town and consume people. That is the same thought that helped motivate us to create the ShedMaid product line.  Oh, a point of clarification on my dog, he has curly hair. The hair jumps into balls and rolls around the wood floors like a tumbleweed. Hence the white ball reference.

As we all chased the rolling shed balls around the house we kept on thinking that there must be a better way. This same thought repeated in our heads each and every time we did this (which is frequently).  That Swiffer thing just didn't do its magic. We needed something that really worked and worked well. So, began the quest to create the perfect pet shed pickup tool - SHEDMAID.  We wanted to create something that not only picked up the shed but applied a fragrance. We all know that some pets can get pretty smelly so why not kill two birds with one stone.  

Today, we have ShedMaid Mitts available on our website and Amazon. Soon, we will be launching additional ShedMaid products to help everyone conquer their own personal shed fight. So, we have been testing these products for a couple years now and we can tell you that our shedding problem is still here but these products take most of the work out of picking up after our pets.  We don't want to tip you off on the upcoming product line but we assure you that they all work in tandem and will make vast improvements.


Its not 100% shed free but its the best shed system anyone has created today. With a little hope it will not only be for today but tomorrow and beyond.


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