The No Agenda, Agenda Dog Walk

August 22, 2014

Every now and then we go out for a dog walk with no particular place in mind.  Whenever that happens I let my dog lake the lead and then we are on a whole new adventure. When we lived in San Francisco my boy would head directly to his favorite pet stores in the area.  His routes were always different but the destination was always the same, his nirvana.

A few months back we moved to New York City and our exploring walks have increased.  I allow my boy to lead and see what New York has in store for us.


Funny enough he still finds the neighborhood pet stores but he also has a fondness for the butchers, "Honest Chops and Verameat",


and a coffee shop, "Paradiso". Destination butcher is obvious but the coffee shop?  There are hundreds and hundreds of coffee shops that he could visit but he loves Paradiso Coffee Shop.


Why?  Treats, treats and more treats.  This place is amazing and always welcomes my pooch with a tasty treat.  I am not sure how he does it but he knows how to get there.  There is no typical route there and he knows where to go to get that treat.  He walks up to the door and sits and waits.  The staff are always attentive and bring out a fresh treat.  

Mission accomplished. For me there was no set route or destination.  For my pooch, he may not have a specific route in mind but we can always count on free treats along the way.

Happy walking.