Summer Heat Tips For Pets

July 01, 2014

A few quick tips for beating the summer heat with your pet.


1.  Provide lots of cold clean water.  Try freezing a bowl of water and setting it out with another bowl of cold water. This way your pet will have cool cold water for hours.

2.  Walk in the shade. That sidewalk and street can be blistering hot for those paws

3.  Have a cool place for your pet to relax during the day and night.  Tip try dipping a blanket in water and freezing it.  Place the frozen blanket on the bed and this will help keep your pets cool.

4.  Tip Cary water with you when out for a long walk. The heat from the street or sidewalk radiates much hotter on your pet.  Having recently relocated to New York City we do not know all the water spots for pups so it helps to carry a bottle and bowl for that much needed drink of water. (treats are always a good addition ;-) )

5.  Tip On really hot days try walking your pet in shoes. Yes, shoes!  Most dog owners use them in the winter to keep the salt from burning the pets paws but they do wonders in the summer as well.