5 Years Ago Today Michael Jackson Died. Where were you?

June 25, 2014

Where were you when you heard the news that Michael Jackson died?  

I remember it as it was yesterday and it is still spooky.  I was in Miami Beach Florida enjoying the summer sun, work and fun.  Ironically I had just taken a short ride on a quasi speed boat called "Thriller".  The boat ride was amazing and the trip started off with the crew playing a Michael Jacksons song, Yes, Thriller, being blasted on the speakers and the boat pulled away from the dock.


Shortly after the speed boat ride the car radio announced that Michael Jackson had passed away.  The news hit me hard and I had to pull over to collect myself. The pop icon had left the building. Top that off with the fact that I just was listening to the Thriller song and on a boat named Thriller.

It was at that moment that made me truly appreciate life even more and to strive even harder to be the best I could be.  My dog was with me on this trip so I decided to treat him to a special soft serve vanilla ice cream cone.  


I justified this based on the news and that it was 95 degrees out.  Note to self do not travel with your dog to Miami in summer.  Honestly, its too hot and stressful on most pets and owners.  That Miami trip, 5 years ago, taught me much about flying with a pet and that return trip home I vowed to no more flying adventures with my dog.  

I will write about the adventures of flying with a pet in another blog post.