PET Karma

June 24, 2014

Does Pet Karma exist?  

The other night I was having dinner with a friend and our pooches.  The topic of pet karma came up and I was asked if pet karma exists?.  Sure, I said I believe that pets experience karma.  The conversation went on from there to talk about how quickly things work in the dog world. I suggested perhaps 7 times faster than what a human experiences.  Is it possible?  Sure, why not. 

Next the conversation took a different turn that I had not expected.  My friend mentioned that pets make our life much more enjoyable.  What IF the pets karma was based on a mix of the owners and the pet?  Bad owner and a good pet? Would that mean the pet would have to pay for the owners mistakes?  Another possibility to say the least.  We all know that a pet can do no wrong so my reply that a bad pet action would rub off on the owners karma.  Again, 100% possible.

The conversation turned to how a blended owner  / pet karma may come into play. Wow, what if the owner is just a nasty old sociopath person who lies and cheats people. The poor pet would pay for these sins? Could bad karma make a pet sick or die?  Again, highly possible and I bet it does work this way.

By the end of the dinner we both walked away with a new appreciation for our beloved pets. Perhaps this new way of thinking will help man live a better life.