Three simple tips to a healthy life for your dog

May 22, 2014

There are many ways to help your dog live a longer and healthier life.  But, as I sit down here I thought I would tell you about three repetitively unknown tips that I have learned from my Vet and other dog experts.  So here we go;


1 - Extend the life of your pets joints and possibility of arthritis.  This one came from my Vet who was sure to tell me to not allow my dog to jump down from the back of the SUV or any other place that was high.  The impact on the front and back legs of a dog is so great that it can take years off of your dogs life.  Joint trouble may not be top of mind today but as your dog ages it may become a problem.  From there arthritis may set in making the dogs painful and all around uncomfortable.  My Vet commanded me to always lift the pet down to from high places.  If you can't lift your pet then don't allow them to get up high. Or, provide a step or access to limit the pounding on the body.  Follow this practice and your dog will have fewer injuries.


2 - Don't run with your dog.  Although your dog may be your loyal companion its really not a good idea to take them running with you.  Again, my vet was the voice telling me not to take my dog out running with me.  I asked why?  My Vet replied that dogs overheat easily and quickly.  They cool themselves off through breathing hard (panting).  Many owners simply do not know when the dog has had enough and are trying to breath for life and cool down.  Secondly, my Vet pointed out that the running on pavement or concrete is just too hard on a dogs bones and joints.  The miles may be good for keeping you in shape but they will take their toll on the dog.  Lastly, a dogs paw pads are sensitive and fragile. Too much wear and tear on the pads will be painful and cause rips, tears, cracks and even blisters. 


3 - Stop and smell the fire hydrant and roses.  We all have done this on one or more occasions but pulling the leash and tugging your dog forward can be dangerous.  Its important to use voice commands vs. pulling a dog down the street.  Head, neck, windpipe, spinal, leg and paw injuries happen all the time from tugging on the leash.  I always tell myself that this is my dogs time to go out and explore the world through smelling. So, if my walk takes a couple minutes longer that is A-Ok.  I would rather have a happy and healthy pet vs visiting the Vet for care that could have been prevented.  


Thanks for reading and come back again and again for interesting tips on pet care.