The Dog Walker's Savvy on the Danger of strange Treats at the beach

May 12, 2014

On a warm day it's inevitable many will end up at the beach.  Kids and adults relish in their time in the sand by the sea, and many dogs seem to especially come alive during a trip to the beach; it's their chance to indulge in some badly-needed freedom to run and roll around and get dirty as well as catch up with their four-legged friends.  It's doggie happy hour and on the menu are usually an abundance of treats.  During a doggie trip to the beach on this warm May Day I got to chatting with some veteran dog walkers as well as one newbie who had her hands full with about ten rambunctious pups running wild.  The newbie offered my dog a treat whilst the other dogs looked on in momentary envy.  A veteran quickly chimed in with thoughts on the relative danger in "offering a strange dog a treat among other dogs... could cause a big fight."This is not an isolated occurrence at any doggie venue, the walkers with their opinions on what is "right" and "wrong."  Personally I think it's OK as long as the doggie parent is asked first, in case of allergies and things like that, but as dog parents know, treats are sometimes our only leverage to get those crazy canines to behave, especially out in the wide open.  And I have yet to see a massive blowup among dogs who see another receiving what they consider to be their treats.  Mostly doggies are a patient bunch when it comes to food.  They know it's eventually coming, like their extra sensory perception on when it's time to walk or fetch.  So, when offering treats to strange dogs at the beach or the dog park it's just good manners to ask first and of course, share the treat wealth with the rest of the crew.