Luxury Pets Expands its Award-Winning* Bubble & Squeak Line of USDA-Certified Organic Pet Grooming Products

April 17, 2014

April 15th, 2014- New York, NY- Luxury Pets, Inc. released the expansion of its USDA-Certified Organic line of Award-Winning* Bubble & Squeak Pet Grooming Products to include four new fresh scents, deodorizing Spritzes, Hot Spot Relief, and Shea Butter Paw Balm. 

“Our customers expect the best from us,” said Luxury Pets’ Michael Gallotta.  “With the expansion of our Bubble & Squeak Grooming Line we feel confident that our foothold in the marketplace will remain strong with products we feel are not only better for the health of our four-leg friends but much-needed at both the retail and wholesale level.”  Gallotta went on to say: “Finding USDA-Certified Organic grooming products for my dog up to now has been nearly impossible.  It’s our goal to make Bubble & Squeak as well as certified Organic products more readily available to consumers.”

Having won the Editor’s Choice Award* from Pet Product News International in 2012 for its Lavender Ecstasy Shampoo, Luxury Pets adds four new unique scents to its’ Bubble & Squeak line: the invigorating Lemon Lemongrass Zen, the soothing Super Tea Tree Mint, the refreshing Summer Citrus Sunshine, and Luxury Pets’ Special Black Label Reserve, a pleasant mixture of Bay Leaf, Tobacco, and Green Melon scents.  In addition to these new scents are companion Spritzes, Roll-On Shea Butter Paw Balm, and Liquid Hot Spot Relief, as well as convenient and fun Spa Day Travel Pack, which includes an 8oz Shampoo, two Spritzes, a Paw Balm Stick, Hot Spot Relief, and Microfiber Waffle Towel.